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I have been riding since I was 7.  My best friend Jenny had a hunter jumper.  I remember riding bareback with her and galloping through the fields.  After that, I was hooked!  My first horse was Plunder Bay, a beautiful, dark bay thoroughbred who had been retired from a career in racing.  In 1999, I met my first Arabian mare and never looked back. Now we have 17 Arabian horses, including our beautiful stallion, Jedhi. 

About Me

Jai Chapman has been working with horses since 1999. She has always been the little girl (regardless of chronological age) who loves just spending time with her horse.  Whether she is just near to them, grooming, treating, schooling or riding them, she feels she has a spiritual connection to them.  


She is happiest on her horses and Endurance is her lifelong dream. As it creates adventure and freedom, her favourite place is out on the trail seeing new places.


She has done Dressage and NATRC, some trick training, extensive rider and horse proper biomechanics training.  The current focus of Carpe Diem Equine is in building their endurance program.  They have direct access to extensive trails including Tevis, Cronin Ranch and American River.


She is also a certified equine massage therapist, a certified barefoot trimmer, and a dealer of various equine products. Her journey has helped her understand which feed, supplements, and products work more effectively. She has rehabilitated horses since 2001, and has seen Massage Therapy save horses lives.


When not out with her beloved horses, Jai enjoys the company of her loving husband and two enthusiastic border collies.  

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